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  • Slim Frame Glass Door Hardware Solution

    Slim Frame Glass Door Hardware Solution

    With the popularity of minimalist style, slim frame glass doors have gradually become favored by customers. However, most of glass door locks on the market are not suitable for slim frame glass doors. In order to solve this problem, YALIS launched slim frame glass door handle locks and slim frame glass door hardware solution.

  • Minimalist Door Hardware Solution

    Minimalist Door Hardware Solution

    As a high-end door hardware solution supplier, IISDOO has developed minimalist door handle locks for minimalist doors ( invisible doors and ceiling-height doors ). With the minimalist door handle locks as the core, IISDOO integrates minimalist door hardware solution.

  • Interior Wooden Door Hardware Solution

    Interior Wooden Door Hardware Solution

    IISDOO has developed interior modern door handle locks and affordable luxury door handle locks according to the aesthetics of young people and the needs of door manufacturers, provides different interior wooden door hardware solution for customers.

  • Ecological Door Hardware Solution

    Ecological Door Hardware Solution

    Ecological doors, also know as aluminum frame wooden doors, generally have a height between 2.1m and 2.4m, and their door surfaces can be freely combined and interchanged with the door frame. IISDOO has developed ecological door hardware solution based on these characteristics.

  • Child Room Door Hardware Solution

    Child Room Door Hardware Solution

    IISDOO pays attention to the safety of children in the room, such as accidentally locking, indoor falls, sudden accidents and so on. Therefore, IISDOO has developed a childproof door handle lock for children room door, which can allow parents to open the door urgently when the child is in danger.

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